Portogallo – Women&Tantra 19th march


The female universe is unique and magical, each woman should get in touch with her own energy
to be able to freely express who she really is in her life.
Together we will make a journey into the depths of our being to discover the power of self-
healing, sensuality and love. We will experience ancient Tantric and Taoist knowledge aimed at
moving and bringing the subtle energy of the creative potential that is generated in the woman
womb, Shakti, to the whole body. And cyclically we will teach ourselves to cultivate an inner
space, necessary to expand the "emptiness" of Shiva in us. So that the internal and external sacred
marriage can take place: the masculine and the feminine, ardhanareeshwaram, hieros gamos…
This seminar is designed and completely dedicated to the energies and the bodies of women.
Nadeshwari transmits Yoga through a tradition open to women, oriented towards cyclicity,
acceptance, transcendence embodied in the wisdom of the Mother Goddess, a universal
archetype present in all cultures on the planet.
In the practice that she transmits, a continuous encounter is created between the experience of
the physical body aimed at experiencing  fluidity, force or stasis and the energetic approach to the
spiritual path.

In the days together we will experience
ॐ The self-healing power of the circle
Circle introduction to Lalita Devi Tripura Sundari, the Shakti (energy) of the subtle, material and
causal world. The encounter in the heart of sensual erotic energy and spiritual aspiration. Theory
and Practices of ancient Tantric and Taoist knowledge aimed at using the energy of the Yoni (from
the Sanskrit Temple Entrance ~ female genital organs). You will learn to move and bring the subtle
energy of the creative potential that is generated every month in the belly to the whole body.
ॐ Autonomic Nervous System and Karmic Nodes
Understand how the conscious release of energy knots present in physical bodies and from karmic
knots present in our more subtle bodies takes place.
ॐ Tune in to pleasure
Discover naturally and simply if our pleasure channel is free and fluid. We’ll explore ways to feel,
move and give space to sexual energy to bless our body and those around us.
ॐ Guilt and Shame VS Healing
Through knowledge and perception we can create a collective field of consciousness in which to
overcome guilt, shame and limiting dynamics. The energy released from these energy densities
can gently take the path of self-healing.
ॐ Sacred Shapes
The Sacred Shapes sequence is a dynamic method that uses a language of sacred symbols to
experience the energies of the Universe; “Sacred Shapes” moves the dormant creative energy of

our second Chakra and gives it to the universe, thus restoring a balance between what is inside
and what lives outside… So that Union can be perceived. We will experience a combination of soft
sacred forms from the dances of India and of the Middle East.
ॐ Pranayama, Mantras and Kriyas
The importance of the relationship with our breath, of the space in our body and of the passion of
our practice that can purify energy densities no longer in service.
ॐ Naga Dharana
The natural and sinuous movement of the vibration of the snakes in the body: the meeting
between the potential of the pelvis and the potential of the heart in a single dance. Dissolving of
resistances in the body leading to purification of the genitals, solar plexus and throat.
ॐ 12 menstrual cycle archetypes
Recognize your own four internal phases connected to four Shaktis (Parvati, Laxmi, Durga and Kali)
to grasp the 12 nuances that the Wisdom of the Moon teaches us. How to meet, recognize,
respect and integrate them, into everyday life.

What would it be like for you to take some time and space to be able to understand what really
creates pleasure in your body and in your being?
The divine game that permeates our body and invites us to resonate with the wonderful duality
that inhabits and surrounds us… We can manifest the desire of love in our lives.
Imagine what it would be like to experience your body as an ancient archaeological site where
rituals take place…
Imagine what it would be like if in a circle we could raise our prayer while experiencing the simple
pleasure of living in the body.
Those who enjoy pleasure and live by welcoming themselves, those who feel they don't have the
truth in their hands, those who put themselves on the line with kindness and passion… Those are
medicine for this Earth.

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